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With the Pico Pro homebrewing system, you can brew 5 liters of the freshest craft beers in your kitchen in about 2 hours. Your brew will be fermented, carbonated and ready to enjoy in about a week. 

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What is the PicoBrew Pico Pro?

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"The best new craft brewery might be in your own basement."

“’s an impressive machine—it makes beer!”

"...its beers stand up to even the best homebrews I've had before."

Boil with multiple hop additions.

A craft brewery on your countertop.

The great craft breweries perfect their beers with a combination of technique and technology; home brewers have always struggled to replicate that on a smaller scale. Pico Pro automates the craft brewing process and fits on your kitchen counter.

After the beer wort has been fully infused with delicious hop flavors and aromas the solution is cooled, and then the magic begins. Yeast is "pitched" into the beer wort and begins to go to work on the sugars, converting them into alcohol and CO2. Different yeasts also impart their own unique flavors to the beer. Fermentation typically takes 4-7 days, depending on the beer and the yeast.

It just makes sense that the freshest ingredients make the best and freshest craft beers. That’s why we build-our PicoPaks “on-demand” with the finest pre-measured grains and hops, and deliver these PicoPaks directly to your doorstep. Your Pico Pro recognizes each specific PicoPak and its associated recipe based on its RFID tag. PicoPaks take the guesswork out of brewing and ensure delicious results, every time. And when you're done brewing, you can simply place your spent PicoPak in your compost bin.

How it works

Introducing the PicoPak

PicoPaks contain fresh grains that have been malted, roasted and cracked so they are primed to release the special sugars that waters at precise temperatures can unlock. This first stage of brewing is called mashing, and the exact times and temperatures that grains are soaked determines the content of the beer “wort” produced. Control and precision are the keys here to producing the fluids that when boiled, then cooled and fermented become your beer.

Brewers for centuries have boiled their beer wort with hops to impart bitterness, flavors and aromas that can make great beer the nuanced sensory experience that leaves you thirsting for more. Adding hops into the boil at different stages lends different characteristics to the resulting beer, from bitterness derived from alpha acids to more flavors and aromas derived from the hop oils. The PicoBrewing process with up to 4 unique hop additions accommodates a very broad range of beer recipe styles.

Fermentation: converting sugars into alcohol

Precision mashing: extracting sugars and flavor from grains.

Imagine a place where you can get fresh craft beer from around the globe. Not in bottles or cans, mind you -- taproom-fresh beer in your own home. Our BrewMarketplace offers PicoPaks from our partner breweries big and small so that you can experience beer as the brewmaster intended it to taste. You can discover new beers, explore ratings and recommendations, and even communicate directly with the brewer. More PicoPaks are being added all the time so you can brew your way around the world.

Make your custom beer with the FreeStyle recipe crafter

The Beer

Explore Recipes from 150+ Partner Breweries


FreeStyle allows you to make your own custom craft beer, easily. Start with one of our base recipes, then personalize the grains, tune the hops for bitterness, flavor, and aroma, and customize yeast and dry hopping to achieve the flavor and style you desire. We'll make your PicoPak and deliver it to your door for you to brew and enjoy

Retail value of $799

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By entering, you agree to receive emails from PicoBrew. U.S. Residents only. Terms & Conditions.


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"PicoBrewPro is fun and simple; easy to clean. The reward? Great tasting beer! I'll be using the PicoBrewPro to perfect my craft and hone in on my own recipes. Definite game changer!"


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"One of the best products I have ever owned. Period. The customer service is also Amazing. These guys have built a great company. I'm also jealous of my Pico because it brews better than I do."

"I used to do 6 gallon all grain batches - this is so much easier and the resulting beer is great! Startup, brew, cleanup all really easy! Picobrew delivered exactly what they promised!"

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